Dub Half Pint 25cl PC

€0,53 - € 0,76   per Unit

Like the music genre, the Dub is a remix of some of our glasses. The Dub looks like the Disco or the Mambo, but this glass is a half pint. The gaugeline shows exactly to where the glass must be filled to get a half pint.

(300 units in a box)
Quantity Price
1 - 3  228,00
4 - 8  198,00
9 - 16  189,00
17 - 33  183,00
34 - 83  177,00
84 - 166  171,00
167 - 249  165,00
250 - 333  162,00
334+  159,00
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Standard Volume

1/2 pint 284ml

Brim Full


Packing Unit

300 units in a box

On Request

Fluorescent, Full colour, More than 10,000 units, Printed from one box



Product Details

The Dub is made of polycarbonate (= PC) which gives the cup a crystal clear look. The Dub is also available in polypropylene (=PP). The glass is easy to clean and can be cleaned by hand as well as in the dishwasher. The Dub is unbreakable and can be reused several times. Because the glass is made of hard plastic, it is safe for any event, both indoors and outdoors. Similar glasses are the Mambo and the Disco.



The Dub Half Pint can be printed in several different ways. You can read more about printing on our page that goes into detail about printing. A quotation can always be requested without obligation. We are also always ready to give advice about printing. You can contact us via the chat, contact page or via this link.

Full service

Dutch Cups offers a full service for the glasses from cleaning to storage. The hypermodern washing installation has a unique capacity to optimally clean more than 10,000 glasses per hour. Dutch Cups also has storage capacity to store the cups in the warehouse.


A similar 25 cl cup, the Festival can be rented via www.greencups.nl. More information about renting can be found on the greencups site.


Other materials

The Dub Half Pint is also available in crystal clear tritan (=COP), in matte transparent polypropylene (=PP) and also in full, transparent or fluorescent colours. Minimum order of 1,000 units. Delivery time, available colours and colour surcharge are available on request via the form below or via info@dutchcups.nl.

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