Production and Logistics

Production and logistics

The production process of the Dutch Cups glasses, cups and other products takes place with specially developed moulds and modern injection moulding machines. Production takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 50 weeks a year in a centrally located factory in the Netherlands.

Product development

Dutch Cups regularly develops new products in collaboration with its customers. The entire development process is completed in phases. First, a problem is analysed and ideas are proposed. Then a proposal is presented. The next phase is making sketch and product drawings (2D and 3D), after which a prototype is made. After any necessary corrections, the actual production of a mould can be started. This entire process is completed with a perfect end product within a period of approximately 12 weeks.

Full Service

Everything in-house

We offer our customers a total package of support services for optimal use of plastic drinking glasses and related products. This includes hygienic cleaning of purchased and used glasses, transport, storage and stock management.

Outsourcing the cleaning saves you a lot of work after your event. The glasses are also guaranteed to be immediately usable next time. Purchased glasses can be stored with us in our own plastic storage boxes.

If desired, Dutch Cups can also provide you with expert advice on practical applications of our products in your logistics organisation. The total solution within reach!


You can also rent the glasses through our subsidiary GreenCups. We take care of the supply and disposal, plus hygienic cleaning in our Dutch Cups Washing Centre in Lelystad. Rental glasses are packed as standard in durable plastic storage boxes with lids for optimal logistics.

If desired, we can also provide you with expert advice on practical applications of our products in your logistics organisation. The total solution within reach!

View the rental product range on the GreenCups website and contact us for more information.

Rent glasses through GreenCups


The washing centre

The plastic glasses you use can be cleaned in the Dutch Cups Washing Centre in Lelystad. Cleaning is done with modern equipment and according to the strictest requirements in the field of environment and hygiene. The glasses are dried automatically after cleaning, checked manually and neatly returned in your own plastic storage boxes.

These boxes are also machine cleaned, dried and sealed after inspection. After cleaning, your glasses will be delivered to your catering company if desired, or stored in the Dutch Cups warehouse if your event takes place again after some time.

The advantage of outsourcing the rinsing work is that it saves you a lot of work after your event and you are sure that the glasses can be used immediately next time. Ideal for events, entertainment centers, stadiums, theme parks and catering companies. Simple, clean and fast!

More information about hygienic cleaning


Good for the environment

At the end of the life cycle, worn or rejected glasses can be taken back by us free of charge via the Dutch Cups Return System. Dutch Cups provides a number of storage boxes free of charge and once full, these are collected free of charge and exchanged for empty boxes. The scrap glass is pulverised and processed into regranulate (= recycled raw material), after which other high-quality plastic products are produced. Examples are trays, crates and light boxes. If you are interested in the Return System, please contact us.