Vision & CSR

Vision and Corporate Social Responsibility

Dutch Cups produces according to the principle of “Made in Holland”. Production close to the customers, so that transport and storage, including stock financing, are organised efficiently. Speed, service orientation and flexibility in action are important Unique Selling Points with which we distinguish ourselves from many other providers. Dutch Cups works according to the 24/7/50 production rhythm, which means that Dutch Cups products are manufactured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 50 weeks a year. Printing takes place 5 days a week and is carried out by specialised printing houses. Circular screen printing, dry offset printing, pad printing, digital (personalised) printing and in-mould labeling are possible. Dutch Cups is a member of the GRI, an international organisation with the aim of realising a sustainable economy. Dutch Cups also endorses the standards and values ​​described in the 10 CERES principles in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Dutch Cups has the ambition to become an even more sustainable company in all its facets and focuses on innovation, continuity and long-term profitability. Attention to energy saving, waste saving, efficient use of raw materials, reuse and recycling of materials are high on our agenda with regard to the production of the Dutch Cups products as well as in our overall business operations. Dutch Cups strives to market sustainable and safe products that have real added value for society. In addition, Dutch Cups is committed to creating a cycle of its products according to the Cradle to Cradle principle. With the Dutch Cups Return System, used eco glasses are collected at the end of their life cycle and the scrap material is recycled, which can then be used to produce new high-quality products.
Dutch Cups is more than a box pusher of reusable glasses and proves this by offering a service package of logistics services. Dutch Cups ensures optimal cleaning of the drinking glasses in terms of hygiene and minimal environmental impact. Large numbers of eco-glasses are thoroughly cleaned annually in a washing center specially set up in accordance with HACCP standards. An industrial dishwashing installation is used, which is equipped with an energy recovery system and a water-saving system. This results in extremely low water consumption per basket, very low energy consumption and chemical consumption per dish basket.

The Dutch Cups office spaces as well as the warehouse and washing center have sustainable LED lighting, which minimises our energy costs. You will also find a charging station for hybrid or fully electric cars in front of our building. Visitors can therefore charge their car for free. In the future, we aim to become a (largely) self-sufficient organisation in terms of energy consumption.