Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


In this privacy statement you can read everything about how your personal data is collected and how it is handled. This explains where your data is stored and for what purposes your data is stored. In addition, you will also find all your rights with regard to your data and how you can make use of those rights.

The privacy statement will sometimes be changed due to, for example, legislative changes. It is therefore advisable to consult the statement periodically.

Dennis Valent, managing director Dutch Cups BV

1. Data purpose

Personal data is collected by Dutch Cups BV for a number of purposes. These are explained below;

1.1 Sending newsletters
Dutch Cups BV sends newsletters by email. These newsletters are commercial on the one hand and knowledge sharing on the other. Your first name and email address are collected via the appropriate form on the Dutch Cups BV website. In addition, you may be asked verbally or textually to register.

1.2 Contact
Your data will be collected if you contact Dutch Cups BV via the website. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to be able to offer a proposal or service, such as your name, company name, address, email address, telephone number and project description.

1.3 Analytics
The Dutch Cups BV website collects your data to improve the website. This is done with Google Analytics. This data is anonymous and is therefore not linked to your personal data. This includes information such as the duration of your website visit or the pages you visit a lot.

1.4 Create an account
If you want to buy items from Dutch Cups BV in our shop, you can first create an account on our website After that you can login to your account and manage your account. We process necessary data from you to create your account and to use your account. Including your name, surname, date of birth, gender, email address, telephone number, address and password. When you actively use your account, other personal data is also stored such as; order data, order numbers, details of the orders (amounts, type of articles, article numbers, quantities, colour and type), delivery dates, delivery costs, overview of payments, email address, payment preferences, delivery preferences.

2. Receivers

The data that Dutch Cups BV receives and processes is managed by means of:

2.1 Mailblue
The newsletters are sent with MailBlue. The moment you sign up for the newsletter, your email address, first name and last name are automatically saved in the appropriate list within MailBlue.

2.2 Yourhosting
We purchase email services from Yourhosting. Yourhosting processes personal data on our behalf and does not use your data for its own purposes. However, this party can collect metadata about the use of the services. This is not personal data. Yourhosting has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent loss and unauthorised use of your personal data. Yourhosting is obliged to observe secrecy on the basis of the agreement.

2.3. Maitech
The IT Management is provided by Maitech B.V. As an administrator, Maitech has access to the various systems of Dutch Cups BV. As a result, Maitech is a processor of any personal data of Dutch Cups BV, but does not use it for its own purposes. Maitech provides various security measures for Dutch Cups BV. in the form of network security, PC security and backups. Maitech also facilitates various cloud services for Dutch Cups BV in the form of Hosted Exchange, Spam filtering and Cloud storage. Maitech has concluded a processing agreement with Dutch Cups BV for this service. Maitech also has its own privacy statement that can be read on the Maitech website.

2.4 23G
The website and backups of the website are hosted by 23G. Data that you leave on the Dutch Cups BV website is stored on the servers of 23G and they do not use your data for their own purposes. However, this party can collect metadata about the use of the services. This is not personal data. 23G has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent loss and unauthorised use of your personal data. 23G is obliged to observe secrecy on the basis of the agreement.

2.5 Couriers
If you place an order with us, it is our job to have your ordered goods delivered to you. We use the services of various courier services and transport companies to carry out the deliveries. It is therefore necessary that we share your name, address and residence details with these couriers. The couriers only use this information for the purpose of executing the agreement. In the event that the couriers selected by Dutch Cups engage subcontractors, these couriers will also make your data available to these parties.

3. Storage period

Your data will be kept for a longer period of time by Dutch Cups BV, but never longer than necessary for the performance of activities, unless we have to keep your data for longer due to a legal regulation.

3.1 Sending newsletters
Your email address, first name and last name are stored in MailBlue. The storage of your data is indefinite. You can unsubscribe whenever you want via the link at the bottom of the newsletters or by sending an email to

3.2 Contact
The moment you contact Dutch Cups BV via email, the data you send, such as your name, company name and email address, will be stored on the mail server. These emails are stored for a maximum of five years.

3.3 Analytics
The data that Analytics collects on the website is anonymous, so it is not linked to your name, company or email address. This data is stored indefinitely within Google Analytics.

4. Security

No physical copies are made of your personal data. Your data is only managed in the aforementioned systems and software.

The personal data that is managed by Dutch Cups BV or by the aforementioned third parties is only accessible via the above software and is protected with a password and, where possible, with two-step verification.

With this two-step verification, a code is generated from the software and sent to Dutch Cups BV. This code must be used during the login process.

The devices that access your data are each also locked with a password and/or fingerprint. The number of devices that can access your data is limited to only the necessary devices.

In addition, your visit to our website is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that your connection to the Dutch Cups BV website is private. You can recognise this security by the lock in front of the url.

In addition, the domain of Dutch Cups BV is signed with DNSSEC. This is an additional tool that makes the ‘signage’ of the website safer and more trusted.

5. Your rights

5.1 Right of access
You have the right at all times to request your data that is recorded and stored at Dutch Cups BV. You can do this by sending an email or by calling Dutch Cups BV. You will then receive an overview of your data.

5.2 Right to rectification
Are your details incorrect? Or have your details changed? You have the right to have this rectified by Dutch Cups BV. You can adjust your details regarding the newsletter via the appropriate url at the bottom of each email.

5.3 Right to erasure of data
Do you no longer want your data to be recorded at Dutch Cups BV? Then you have the right to have your data erased.

5.4 Right to file a complaint
You have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you believe that Dutch Cups BV does not handle your data correctly. This can be done via this link.

5.5 Right to stop data use (objection
Do you not want Dutch Cups BV to use your data? Then you have the right to stop the use of your personal data.

You can make use of these rights via by sending a copy of identification in which the photo, the numbers at the bottom of the document, document number and citizen service number have been made illegible. The aim is to respond within a week.

6. Duties

Dutch Cups BV processes personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, namely a commercial interest. This includes offering services or products from Dutch Cups BV via email. Your data will never be sold to third parties.

The data that is mandatory to provide are the minimum data required for offering the services or products. For example, your email address is required to inform you about an order or to be able to send the newsletter. If this mandatory information is not provided, Dutch Cups BV cannot offer the relevant service.

If it is necessary to share data that you have shared with Dutch Cups BV with other parties than the parties mentioned above (for example to offer a service), your permission will first be requested.

Dutch Cups BV reserves the right to disclose the data when this is required by law or when Dutch Cups BV deems this justified to comply with a legal request/process or to protect the rights, property or safety of Dutch Cups BV. We always try to respect your right to privacy as much as possible.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us via the contact details below. |  +31 (0)320 28 94 80 | Artemisweg 175 | 8239 DD Lelystad | the Netherlands | VAT no. NL814934444B01 | KVK no. 39060975

Dutch Cups is a private company, which is managed by its director, Dennis Patrick Valent.

Last updated on 23 February 2023