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Data Washing Centre

In 2019, Dutch Cups developed a conveyor belt washing machine in collaboration with the world’s largest dishwasher manufacturer Hobart. This machine meets the highest requirements to guarantee a hygienically clean and dry end result. This unique conveyor belt washing machine with a special finger system is unparalleled in all of Europe. The capacity is more than 10,000 cups per hour and the total length of this professional washing installation is 18.5 metres. The machine is suitable for optimal cleaning of various types of reusable cups, sustainable plastic packaging items and storage boxes via a special PLC control in various set programs. An ingenious system ensures that light weight plastic items such as drinking cups cannot fly through the machine.

Advantages of cleaning

  • Most modern industrial washing installation for reusable cups in Europe
  • Largest capacity with up to 10,800 reusable cups per hour
  • Also suitable for glassware, boxes and baskets
  • 3 to 5 bar cleaning power in 4 washing zones
  • Guaranteed drying results thanks to 5 drying zones
  • Large and fine dirt particles are filtered separately
  • Very low water consumption per washed reusable cup
  • Half the energy consumption compared to comparable washing installations
  • Washing centre in accordance with food safety requirements
  • Personnel with protective equipment for optimum hygiene
  • Clean and tidy washing and storage area with LED lighting

Unprecedented cleaning power for glass and crockery

The washing installation has 4 rinsing zones with unprecedented cleaning power per zone due to variable adjustable washing pumps with a washing pressure of 3 to 5 bar. The imported reusable cup is first thoroughly pre-rinsed (at 50 degrees), then intensively cleaned in two zones (60-65 degrees) and then rinsed (85 degrees). By working without rinsing baskets but placing the cup on fingers, the entire cup is reached from all positions. In combination with the correct temperature settings and dosages of rinse aids and rinse aids, coarse dirt is easily sprayed off, viruses and bacteria are killed and mould has no chance (especially if the cups are delivered on time after use). The washing installation has 5 drying and blow-off zones, where compressed air (50-60 degrees) is used to then finally ensure a guaranteed drying result in an extra heated drying zone (90-100 degrees). The machine is also capable of optimally cleaning transport crates from all sides and delivering them neatly dry.

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Extremely low water consumption

Through a micro-filtration system, both coarse and fine dirt particles are separated outside the washing installation, collected in filter tubes and removed from the wash water. The result is a considerable saving in water consumption compared to conventional washing machines. The washing installation has an average water consumption of approx. 35 to 40 ml per washed cup. The power required to wash a single cup is therefore extremely low, only 14 watts (= 0.014 kW). With an average comparable washing installation, this is double the number.

Precautions in the logistics center

Our logistics center with the washing installation is located in Lelystad and equipped in accordance with the internationally recognised FSSC 22000 Food Safety (ISO) guidelines. Our staff work in accordance with the highest hygiene regulations, including aprons, hair nets, face masks and gloves, and ensure hygienic and sealed packaging. Washing and disinfecting hands is an obligation before working in the washroom.

The conveyor belt washing machine is located in a room with special LED lighting. The space is separated from the storage area (which is also equipped with LED lighting) by means of a plastic transparent wall and flap curtains on the entrance and exit side. All this from the point of view of optimal hygiene and to realise a dust and dirt-free environment.

Storage and stock management of your own purchased cups is possible, whether or not on a temporary basis. For more information contact us or call us at +31 320 28 94 80

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